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LashOut Electric Bicycle, LashOut Electric Bike, LashOut Bike, LashOut2004 LashOut Electric  Bike

The LashOut Electric Bike is one of the finest made electric bikes available. 

         LashOut  Electric Bike, LashOut Electric Bicycle,  7 Speed Full Suspension-Best Electric Bicycle Available!!!!     


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LashOut Electric Bikes have arrived and are currently shipping!!!!,  Order yours today!!

Priced at $799     Unbelievable Price!!!!

The  2004 LashOut electric bike  is our high end full suspension electric bike and the ultimate performance vehicle. Its a 7-speed electric bike equipped with top-end performance equipment and our high-end high-torque  600 Watt motor. Combined with our 12 amp-24 volt battery system, this bike can reach speeds up to 18 MPH for durations as far as 20 miles on one charge. Get this high-end electric bike today and by the envy of your neighborhood. This is an UNBELIEVABLE deal!!!!  The LashOut electric bike is the best quality electric bike that we have seen at an affordable price . Order yours today !!


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